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Food and Beverage Selection

Sales tax and service charge are added to all items. Food selections are required 3 weeks prior to event. Final counts are required 2 weeks prior to event date.


Small Cheese and Cracker (serves 30) $40

Large Cheese and Cracker (serves 50) $60

Small Salami, Cheese, and Crackers (serves 30) $50

Large Salami, Cheese, and Crackers (serves 50) $75

*Includes capicola, genoa salami, and pepperoni with fontina, mozzarella, and asiago cheese

Small Italian Meat, Cheese, and Gourmet Cracker $50

(Serves approximately 20 guests)    

 Large Italian Meat, Cheese, and Gourmet Cracker $85

(Serves approximately 40 guests)  

Ultimate Relish Tray $55

includes a variety of pickled asparagus, okra, and peppers with olives, and several types of pickles.

Hummus Platter $60

Red pepper and garlic humus with herbed pita chips
Features a variety of seasonal items


Small $30      Large $45

*includes ranch dressing


Small $40       Large $55

*includes a yogurt fruit dip

Chips and Salsa $35

Spinach Artichoke Dip $50

Corn and Black Bean Salsa $55

Chips and Queso $40

Crustinis with a vegetable salsa $60


Individual Servings 

Beer $3.50-$4.00

Wine $5.00-$7.00

Mixed Drinks: $3.50-$6.00

Wine/Champagne Bottle $16-$30


Keg of Beer (Domestic ½ barrel)   $285 and up

Small Keg of beer (Craft 1/6 barrel) $140 and up

*Drink Tickets are available for large groups
*Bar tab limits also available
*Keg prices include plastic cups

Punch Station $30 ( 3 gallon drink server)

A blend of fruit punch, orange juice, pineapple juice, and sierra mist

Nonalcoholic drinks: $1.50/person or $10/pitcher

Beverages from fountain gun such as soda, lemonade, iced tea, etc.

Signature drink

We can customize a beverage for your special occasion, Price Varies


Prices listed are per dozen.  Minimum of 4 dozen per item.

Coconut Shrimp $15

with Hawaiian or cocktail sauce

Chicken Wings $14

with hot Sauce or bbq

Mini Fish and Chips $16

Vegetable Spring Rolls $12

Vegetable Egg Rolls $12

Pork Egg Rolls $14

Cheeseballs $40

3lb portion served w/ ranch

Onion Rings $30

2.5lb portion served w/ranch

Mozzarella Sticks $35

3lb portion served w/ marinara
Prices listed are per dozen sandwiches

Mini Cheeseburgers $24

Mini Hamburgers $25

with mushrooms and onions

BBQ Beef Sliders $22

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders $20

Pulled Chicken Sliders $20

with asian sauce

Shrimp Cocktail $14

with cocktail Sauce

Bruschetta $14

Sliced baguettes with tomatoes, basil, and cream

Caprese Skewers $13

Mozzarella Cheese, cherry tomatoes,  basil, and balsamic glaze 

Salmon bites $15

Sliced smokes salmon and an herbed cream cheese served on a cucumber 

Cranberry Tartlets $14

Fillo dough filled with brie, cranberry, and walnuts

Greek Skewers $15

Artichokes, peppers, feta, olives

Cocktail Sausages $10

with honey and sesame

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites $12

with a maple glaze

Meatballs $12

Plain, BBQ, Teriyaki, or Swedish Sauce

Stuffed Mushrooms $12

with cream cheese and veggies

Mini Crab Cakes $20

with horseradish cream sauce

Mini Meat Pizzas $14

Pepperoni, Beef, or Sausage

Steal Kabobs $16

Grilled sirloin, peppers, and onions
Prices listed are per sandwich.
Sandwiches include lettuce, cheese, and butter.

Ham $2.00

Turkey $2.00

Roast Beef $3.00

BBQ Beef Brisket $5.00

Prime Rib $6.00

Pulled Pork $4.00

Plated Meals

For groups of 20 to 75 guests
Preorder required
Maximum of 2 selections

French Onion Soup $3

Tomato Basil Soup $3

Mixed Greens Salad $2.50

Caesar Salad $3.50

Seasonal Salads 

Spring- Peach and Cucumber $4

Summer– Strawberry Chicken $4

Autumn- Apple Cranberry $4

Winter- Kale and Bacon $4

Maximum of 3 entree options

10 oz Grilled Ribeye $14

14oz Pork Chop $12

Chicken Alfredo $11

Shrimp Alfredo $13

Orange Glazed Salmon Filet $13

Beef Wellington $18

Stuffed Chicken Caprese $14

10oz Prime Rip $16

Crab Legs $22

Ribeye and Shrimp $18

Filet and Scallops $21

Roasted Chicken w/ Bacon and Thyme $11


Side choices must be the same for all guests

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $2

Cheesy Hashbrowns $2

Roasted Red Potatoes $2


Seasonal Vegetable Medley $3

Citrus Risotto $3

Pea and Mushroom Risotto $3

Honey Glazed Carrots $2

Baked Potato $2

Dinner Roll $1

Asparagus $3

Green Beans with Bacon $3

Garlic Bread $1

maximum of 2 options

Berry Crème Brulee $5

Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream $4

Italian Tiramisu $6

Blueberry Panna Cotta $4

Flavored Cheesecake $5 and up

Cinnamon Bread Pudding $4

Apple Crisp with Caramel Sauce $4

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle $5

Plain Cheesecake with Whipped Cream $4

Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries $6

Buffet Options

Our buffet items are priced per item and per person which allows you to completely customize it.
Minimum of 30 Guests and a minimum of $10/Person required

Bread Rolls and Butter $1.00

Garlic Bread $1.25

Mixed Greens Salad $2.00

Caesar Salad $2.50

Seasonal Salad $3.50

(Unless Specified, We serve 4oz portions)


Roast Beef $4.50

Top Sirloin of Beef $6.00

Prime Rib (7oz) $11.00

Prime Rib (10oz) $15.00


Ham $4.00

Pit Ham $4.50

Roast Pork Loin $4.50

Pork Loin Stuffed w/ Sage and Onions $5.00

Thick Cut Iowa Pork Chop (14oz) $10.00


Plain Salmon Fillet $9.00

Orange Glazed Salmon $9.50

Crab Legs (6oz) $10.50


Caprese Stuffed Chicken Breast (6oz) $6.00

Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts (6oz) $4.75

Roasted Chicken (White and Dark) $4.50


Beef Lasagna $5.00

Chicken Alfredo $6.00

Shrimp Alfredo $7.00

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce $5.00

Individual Vegetarian Entrèe

choose one as a main course substitute

Vegetable Pasta Bake

Risotto with Herbs and Veggies


Corn $1.25

Honey Glazed Carrots $1.75

Fresh Green Beans with Bacon $2.75

Broccoli and Cauliflower $2.25

Roasted Zucchini – Seasonal price

Asparagus – Seasonal price


Baked Potato w/ Sour Cream & Butter$1.75

Roasted Red Potatoes with Mint $2.00

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy $2.00

Cheesy hashbrown Potatoes $2.00

4 Cheese Mac n Cheese $2.25

Au Gratin $2.00

Cold Salads

Italian Pasta Salad $2.00

Potato Salad $1.50

Coleslaw $1.50

Cottage Cheese $1.75

Fresh Fruit $2.00

Greek Salad $2.50

Chocolate Cake  $3.00

Apple Crisp with caramel sauce $3.00

Panna Cotta with berries $3.75

Crème Brulee $4.25

Angel Food with Strawberries $3.50

Homemade Cheesecake

Plain, Strawberry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, Blueberry $4.50

Specialty Cheesecake

Turtle, Snickers, Oreo,

Caramel Apple, or Twix $5.25


Cheesecake Bites $13-$15

A variety flavors available, topped w/ whipped cream

Mini S’mores $16

Graham cracker crust with Chocolate custard and toasted marshmallow

Raspberry Tarts $15

White chocolate and raspberry in fillo dough

Brownie Bites $12

Mini brownies topped w/ whipped cream

Strawberry Shortcake Bites $12

Puff pastry w/ strawberry cream

Lemon Tarts $13

Lemon curd filling topped w/ seasonal fruit